SEO, content is king.

Because of the advancement in SEO, what we have today is a world where businesses make several attempts to optimize their websites in order for their products and services to get to the right people through the internet. With search engine optimization, visitor retention is improved and this keeps them coming back for more. This is one of the reasons why content is the key for websites.

It is a common believe among Webmasters and SEO experts that “Content is king”, this is true because visitors are attracted to the content of a website rather than the products in it. For those that are unable to come up with a quality and unique content for their websites, the services of an SEO Specialist can be applied to write an SEO Optimized Content for your industry.

There are only a few search engine optimization companies around today whose services are enough to put your page on the top. Quantity and Quality are the two Most Important Aspects of a web content these will be discussed in the paragraphs below.

Quality as an aspect of web Content, requires that contents should be well written and free from typological error which of course makes your web content to appear unprofessional. This means that your content should be optimized with the right keywords. Content that is informative and appealing to readers as well. With an informative content, visitors will keep coming for more since they will have a lot to learn from the contents on your webpage. Quality content for your webpage is no doubt a good approach to having a good rank on the search engine

Apart from Quality, Quantity on the other hand has to do with the frequency at which new posts are submitted on the page. Quantity requires that your webpage be regularly updated with content. A nice post, especially an informative one will have your visitors coming back for more. How disappointing they’ll be if they came back only to find no new contents to satisfy their curiosity. This ability to come back will be discouraged if there is no new content for your visitors.

The need for SEO experts arises as more approach is made to bring answer to the question “How Often Should new contents be added to a webpage? You may get different answers from your local SEO companies, some recommend adding new contents once a week, other SEO company would recommend twice a day, but be rest assured that the type of webpage you have is a major factor in determining the rate at which new contents are added to a page. Commercial blogs for instance could be updated once or twice a day. Updates for sites with static content. You should heed to these because adding 10 articles at once after weeks without posts could mean a lot of harm to the SEO of your website.

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