Reach your clients in seconds using SMS messages and keep them updated of your specials

Getting your brand noticed is the first – and most crucial – step towards your business success. Digital marketing has made it possible for companies to expand their reach to hundreds or even thousands of people, but conversion rates still prove troublesome for many entrepreneurs.

One of the best ways to turn your leads into customers is by reminding them of the amazing services and products your company offers. If you’re looking to grow your Jacksonville business, consider Folotext: an innovative SMS marketing service that can help you boost your conversion rates and transform your potential clients into loyal customers. The main benefit of this SMS marketing service is that it allows you to reach your clients in seconds which makes it faster than any other marketing method. Additionally, its simplicity makes it 80% more effective than any other digital form of marketing, including social media or email marketing.

Text messages still feel more personal to people than social media posts, and this is the key to the success of this marketing strategy. If you’re an owner of a Jacksonville business, SMS marketing might be just what you need to reach your customers and keep them updated of any new products, services or special offers that might prompt them to engage with your brand. The results are often immediate, and the service can be integrated with your business social media accounts, including Twitter and Facebook for even greater engagement and better results!

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