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  • We will send you a design proposal to approve, you can request more design proposals with specific guidelines.
  • Unlimited revisions on chosen design
  • Revisions include changes to colors, fonts, and placement of items on the page
  • Once the design is approved we will start the development of the site.
  • Any changes in the design after approval has been given will imply a new charge of $500


  • Customer must provide all the content including but not limited to logo, copy and photos.
  • The content must be reviewed before is uploaded to the website.
  • We encourage our customers to provide us with reviewed content, however, if you need to make changes or corrections we will help you with up to 5 content revisions without additional charges.
  • Content revisions include small changes such as fixing spelling mistakes or replacement of a word, a phrase or an image.


  • Once you select and approve a design we will start the development process of the website.
  • At this phase, no changes will be considered on the design, please make sure you let us know all your desires during the design phase.
  • Foloware is not responsible for the copyright of images or content provided by the customer.
  • This special includes 1 basic contact form, and it will be inserted in one of the included pages. Custom or extra forms must be quoted separately.
  • Google maps integration will be performed for up to 1 location and it must be inserted in one of the included pages.


  • Any changes outside the scope of this agreement will be billed at $150/hour. When changes outside the scope of this agreement are requested, the client will be sent an email outlining the specific changes and associated costs, and the client must approve these changes and associated costs via email before any additional work is performed.


  • The client must provide approval at various steps of the projects. Any changes after approval has been given will need to be quoted and will require the same email exchange outlined above.


  • After signing this proposal Foloware team will start the design and development process of the website, which depending on the client’s disposition, should not exceed one month.


  • The website will be hosted in Foloware’s LLC hosting.
  • Foloware LLC assures monthly backups and free restorations in case your website suffer any damage.
  • Foloware LLC will always provide technical support over their hosting without additional charges.


  • We strive to provide the best service, to keep you as an annual hosting customer, if at any moment you want to move your website to another hosting, Foloware LLC will need up to 3 labor days to prepare your files and database and there will be a $300 fee for the preparation of the information. Please notice that this fee doesn’t include configuration or migration to another hosting. You can move the website by yourself or hire someone to do it. If you decide to hire Foloware LLC to do the migration, there will be an extra fee for that job. For your reference this year the WordPress migration fee is $250.


  • A link to a Foloware, LLC website will be placed on the footer of every web page. Foloware, LLC reserves the right to use the client’s website and the client’s name for self-promotion, including, but not limited to, in an online portfolio, in a list of past clients, on Facebook, and on print materials.


  •  After the website is approved to be published, we will send you the user and the password to use the content management system to do changes by yourself.
  •  If you chose a plan that includes the video training to use the WordPress CMS, then we will provide you with a short video to teach you how to do basic changes by yourself using WordPress. Additional training requests will be quoted.


  • Half Payment must be done to start the project, and the last half will be pending until the website is ready to publish.
  • Foloware, LLC reserved the right to change all the fees mentioned as reference after 12 months has passed since the launch of the website.


  • Please note that we reserve, software, hardware, and human resources to develop each project. If you leave the project on standby for more than 2 months, it will expire and new charges will be applied to re-start it.


  •  After the website is approved and launched, all changes/updates must be quoted as a new job/order.


  •  Once the first payment has been made, we will send you a copy of the “terms of service” as published that day. Please notice that terms, fees, and conditions on this website are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The project scope will be limited to what is specifically mentioned in your plan and in these terms of service, if you have any question please contact us.

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