Why SMS marketing is the most effective and affordable marketing tool

When we talk about SMS marketing we mean about the impact that receive the publicity and the sales of a company with sending of text messages which express offers and mobile coupons, payment reminder and updates and descriptions of products and services.

Everyone has a phone and everyone texting every day, which is the principal reason that SMS marketing is so effective in nowadays.  For a moment, let us imagine the reach that companies may have if notified by text messages to their customers all the information they need about buying their products. The information is more direct and personal and it’s read effectively.

In this way the SMS Marketing is a powerful business tool for any business that wants to reach their customers and target audience instantly with minimal cost, being that, one of the benefits it provides make SMS marketing for our business is that companies that do offer these services, they do it with affordable and accessible prices. The marketing and the mobile publicity continue to grow gaining importance among brands, companies and advertisers, especially in Miami, a city where consumption of new devices and ideas is present.

In the world there are 7 million phones operating daily, we can find in our environment people even with two phones that control their lives through both devices. This can be attributed to the strong dependence that has been created to cell phones and the need to always be connected with others. Especially Smartphones that have multiple tools, that goes from calendars and reminders to access to the Internet and social networks.

This evolution of mobile technology and it new features has also served to expand the range of sales opportunities, with these devices it’s easier to convey information and attract new users and buyers.

So it’s no surprising that more and more businesses are integrated the SMS in their marketing strategies to communicate with all its stakeholders directly, reduce the marketing costs and increase in this process, the performance of other areas of promotion and publicity.

In Miami, we can find many options to services of SMS marketing, one of them is folotext.com; a company specialized in bulk text messages. The experience of this company has helped many pymes that are seeking marketing strategies that allows it to grow in the market, specifically in the US market, which is characterized by being very competitive, especially in Miami where there are many business opportunities.

What it takes for a SMS Marketing campaign being effective and successful?

We must recognize from the beginning that campaigns cheap, effective and immediate, but to achieve the desired impact must follow basic guidelines. One of them it’s that the campaign of bulk text messages should have a clear goal, which fits with the global marketing strategy of you company. The SMS Marketing can grow your business in Miami if this is made at intervals that capture more public and buyers. Statistical analysis showed that exist stages of the day when more people use their phones, for example: at night when they get home from work. It’s at this precise moment when a text message with an invitation to purchase a product or hire a service can be effective for the customer.

The SMS marketing not only works as a space for publicity and diffusion of information, it can also serve as a communication space where customers can interact with the company writing about their opinions and considerations. It’s therefore essential measuring the result of the SMS campaign selected like: messages sent, messages delivered and the number of customers who benefit from the offer of the product of service present.

It’s important to know that the function of SMS Marketing is not to send text messages to any random phone number. To prevent this bad practice, it’s necessary that the person voluntarily accepts receive this type of text messages of a commercial nature; the clients must want to feel informed about your products and promotions. The best way is that the customer completes a form by writing their respective phone. This is a valid procedure of acceptance to receive offers and other information of a SMS service in the name of your company.

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